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Welcome to VATSIM Africa/Middle East Region

The Africa & Middle East Region of the VATSIM Network encompasses one of the most diverse and beautiful places on earth. From busy airports like Johannesburg and Dubai to cruising across the deserts of the Middle East or the Sahara, the Africa and Middle East Region has every kind of flight environment imaginable.

The goal of this region of the VATSIM Network is to facilitate air traffic growth, safety, and fun in Africa and the Middle East. Using real world procedures, regulations, and information, the region strives to help its divisions attain the maximum level of professionalism, realism, and fun. Striving for a simulation model, the Africa and Middle East Region Office works as a liaison between the divisions and the VATSIM Executive Committee, and advises its divisions on many issues, including training, all in the interest of realism.

Our Divisions

VATIL - Israel

Servicing the Israeli FIR on a daily basis with top quality ATC.

VATNAF - Northern Africa

Servicing northern Africa west of Egypt.

VATME - Middle East

Servicing the Middle East area from Egypt to Iran (and everything in between).

VATSAF - Southern Africa

Servicing southern Africa, south of Sudan to South Africa


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