The Gold Run

November 7 2018, 17:00 UTC

ACCSAF is Proud to Present the Weekly Gold Run.

Join us every Wednesday at 17h00Z (19h00 Local) as we Shuttle Gold down to FALE (King Shaka International).

We do not condone Smuggling however why not do the return trip back to FAOR and sneak a Curry home for the loved ones ;)

Pilots can expect full ATC coverage from startup to shutdown. You are welcome to fly to / from other airports within South Africa but the emphasis will be on FAOR and FALE. Pencil down the date and do join us for a fun filled evening every Wednesday.


FSX/P3D here: http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/southafrica.html

X-Plane here: https://gateway.x-plane.com/airports/page

Charts here: http://www.caa.co.za/Aeronautical%20Cha…/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Also check out the ACCSAF Website here: http://www.accsaf.net.za

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