UAE vACC : OMDB Runway Closure

Note to all controllers, as of 1500 local time, (1100Z), Runway 30L is now closed until the 30th of May. Runway 30R/12L is to be the only active runway when you are controlling.

If a pilot insists on using 30L DO NOT get in to an argument with them. Just let them use it.

Chriss Klosowski - VATME2 has uploaded an updated Ground layout to the GNG page, please download the update package only, then go to -> Display Settings -> Regions.... un tick, then re tick the OMDB region attribute to make the closure box show correctly. Certain crossing taxiways will remain open, these are K17, K12 and K10. You may cross traffic over the closed runway at these points. There is also a large portion of M taxiway closed that we will simulate too. So all pushbacks will have to face East and cross the runway to get to 30L. If we face large traffic volumes in order to not block all the taxiways traffic should be sent down to the end of 30L to cross before making their way back up M to the holding points for 30R.

Please see the following document which shows what is open and closed in Phase 1 :

Expect the new ground layout to reflect what is on this chart, apart from certain taxiways which we have had to change as they are not in the FlyTampa scenery for OMDB.

We hope you enjoy this extra bit of reality  

Kind Regards

The UAE vACC Staff Team (& VATME)