Visiting Controllers Regulations

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Visiting Controllers Regulations

  1. Only VATSIM members with a rating of S2 and higher may apply as Visiting controllers.
  2. Iran vACC reserves the right to refer to the visiting applicant's home vACC/Division for the referral.

  3. Prior to issuing the visitor endorsement, a training plan will be set up for the applicant by the ATC training staff.

  4. Upon receiving the endorsement, the visiting controller shall only control the position which they have been endorsed for. For example, a visitor controller endorsed for APP, shall only control APP and below.

  5. Visiting controllers must log a minimum of 15 hours per quarter.

  6. Iran staff may remove visiting controllers who fail to log the minimum quarterly active time requirement.

  7. Iran staff may remove visiting controllers who are not in good standing with the community, vACC and VATSIM’s Network.

  8. Each individual person that would like to apply for Tehran FIR visiting controller, needs to be recommended by home vACC ATC Manager or vACC director.

  9. if you meet the requirements kindly please open a ticket on Vatir helpdesk with the following link: