4.5 Gulf Flight Service Station Policy

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GULF - Gulf Flight Service Station Policy – v1.1

January 29th, 2019


Created and edited to v1.0 by Chriss Klosowski [30.09.2018].

Edited to v1.2 by Orpheas Panayiotopoulos  [17.02.2020]



Section 1 – VATME Policy Range

This document is the basis for all future & present Gulf Controllers. This document aims to provide requirements and operations of this Flight Service Station within the Middle East.

This policy follows higher VATSIM rules published here:

For any conflicting rules, the one that is higher than is policy is effective, if not mentioned differently directly by the policy.


1.1     Ratification

This policy is in effect as of the 1st March 2020 


1.2      Purpose

VATME's goal is bringing the local communities who are interested in Flight Simulation or Air Traffic Control together and to accurately and realistically simulate all operations within the VATSIM Network.

VATME or VATSIM Members do not need to be a professional pilot nor a real-life Air Traffic Controller. The VATSIM Network is a learning environment for everyone interested in Flight Simulator and Air Traffic Control. It is the task of all members, vACCs, Divisions, and Regions to make this possible.

VATME members are not expected to learn what is needed to become a real-world pilot or an Air Traffic Controller by this network solely. VATSIM was created to bring the communities who are interested in Flight Simulation and Air Traffic Control together. VATSIM is not an institution for real-world careers.

It is equally important for all VATSIM entities and their members to create, cooperate and to behave in a manner of friendship and understanding. This applies to all members of VATSIM. Any actions blocking this aim are not allowed in the community and is against the rules and regulations set by VATSIM.

VATSIM Members use the network in their spare time. All VATSIM related services are organized and given by VATSIM Members. Therefore, they reflect the ability of members who donate their time and passion. We are a group of hobbyists and our services will reflect this.



Section 2 - Overview

The following will over at multiple regulations set-out by the VATSIM Middle East ATC Department regarding our _FSS Position.

2.1     The Position

Gulf Control (GULF_FSS) is a position that was established to bring increased coverage over the Middle East for Upper Information Region (UIR) areas. Gulf will cover the following countries:

  • ORBB - Baghdad FIR, Iraq
  • OSTT - Damascus FIR, Syria
  • OLBB - Beirut FIR, Lebanon
  • OJAC - Amman FIR, Jordan
  • OKAC -  Kuwait FIR, Kuwait
  • OBBB - Bahrain FIR, Bahrain & Qatar
  • OMAE - U.A.E FIR, United Arab Emirates
  • OIIX   - Tehran FIR, Iran
  • OOMM -  Muscat FIR, Oman 
  • OYSC - Saana FIR, Yemen
  • OEJD - Jeddah FIR, Saudi Arabia
  • HECC - Cairo FIR, Egypt



Section 3 - Application 

3.1      Requirements

Members wanting to apply for Gulf will need to follow the following:

  • Be either Resident or Visiting controller in an ACTIVE vACC within VATSIM Middle East;
  • Hold a permanant rating of Enroute Controller (C1) or above;
  • Qualify for a “Special Endorsement” as specified in the Global Rating Policy (GRP) including a minimum of 50 hours online as a Center controller (XXXX_CTR) holding a Controller (C1) rating on any ACTIVE vACC such as U.A.E, Bahrain, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. Do note we will not combine hours on two or more different positions, Example 25 Hours on OMAE_CTR + 25 Hours on OBBB_CTR. VATSIM Middle East does not have a training department for GULF_FSS. Applicants are expected to have significant experience on their local CTRs prior applying for GULF_FSS. All Applicants go through 


3.2      Application Details

If you meet the requirements as stated above please send a support ticket (https://hq.vatme.net/support/create) on the VATAME HQ to "VATSIM Middle East Staff" with the following:

  • Your Full Name;
  • Your VATSIM ID;
  • Your Permanent VATSIM Rating (This doesn't include SUP/ADM);
  • Any Additional Ratings you hold such as I1, I3, SUP or ADM;
  • Your previous controlling experience which might be relevant to controlling our FSS Position;
  • How much time are you able to commit to GULF_FSS?
  • Amount of hours on a SINGLE CTR position within the Middle East. Please include the Callsign;

An application may take up a few  Days to be processed by our team.


3.3      Hour Requirement

The VATSIM Middle East ATC Department will hold an activity check every year on: February 1st, May 1st, October 1st, and finally December 1st.(Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4).

A controller is required to control at least minimum 6 hours in order to be marked as "Active" and to keep their approvals. Members who do not meet the requirement will get notified by email regarding their status and the next steps with needed.



Section 4 - Standard Operating Procedures

VATSIM Middle East will provide a S.O.P Document for GULF which is updated when needed. The document can be found here: [To be available in the next couple of weeks]



End of Document