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Instructor / Examiner Policy – Revision 2020/07

2nd of July 2020

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Distribution and Scope
This policy is for all current Instructors, Senior instructors, and members interested in the instructor rating. This policy is in line with the VATSIM Middle East Divisional Policy which can be viewed here:http://vatame.vatme.net/policy/130

Exclusion of Liability
This document is for use on the VATSIM Network only and should never be used for real-world use. The information published by the Middle East Division within this document is made available without warranty of any kind.


SECTION 1 | VATSIM Middle East Policy Range

This policy is for all current Instructors, Senior instructors, and members interested in the instructor rating. This policy is in line with the VATSIM Middle East Divisional Policy which can be viewed here:http://vatame.vatme.net/policy/130

1.1 Ratification

This policy is in effect as of 2nd of July 2020

1.2 Purpose

VATME's goal is to bring the most dedicated and motivated members to the ATC training team. This policy is to set some basic guidelines in how we choose these members to go up further in their VATSIM career.

VATME or VATSIM Members do not need to be a professional pilot nor a real-life Air Traffic Controller. The VATSIM network is a learning environment for everyone interested in Flight Simulator and Air Traffic Control. It is the task of all members, vACCs, Divisions, and Regions to make this possible.

VATME members are not expected to learn what is needed to become a real-world pilot or an Air Traffic Controller by this network solely. VATSIM was created to bring the communities who are interested in Flight Simulation and Air Traffic Control together. VATSIM is not an institution for real-world careers.


VATSIM Members use the network in their spare time. All VATSIM related services are organized and given by VATSIM Members. Therefore, they reflect the ability of members who donate their time and passion. We are a group of hobbyists and our services will reflect this.

SECTION 2 | Introduction

2.1 About the Rating

The Instructor (INS) rating is an administrative rating for members holding a C1 or C3 rating. It is granted to members who have demonstrated superior knowledge of ATC procedures and teaching skills, and who are also actively involved in the daily ATC Training matters in their home vACC. Instructor ratings are non-permanent and can only be used on ATC positions inside the VATSIM Middle East Division. 

VATME members with an INS rating must use their permanent rating (C1/C3) when staffing positions outside of the VATSIM Middle East Division. The INS rating will be revoked on request of the local vACC's training director or directly by the VATME ATC training director if the member is no longer involved in local ATC training matters.

SECTION 3 | Instructor & Senior Instructor Ratings

3.1 Instructor (I1)

     3.1.2 Requirements 

  • Above average knowledge of the VATSIM, VATAME & VATME rules and regulations

  • Excellent knowledge of Air Traffic Control

  • Good teaching skills

  • Good command of English, both written and spoken

  • Pass the VATME Theory Examination for Instructors (or have previously completed an INS course in the past)

  • In good standing with VATSIM

  • Hold a C1 or C3 permeant rating

  • Involved in vACC ATC Training for at least one year (as a mentor, or otherwise)

  • Recommended by the vACC Director & ATC Training Director

  • Approved by the VATME ATC Department

NOTE: The VATME ATC Department may limit the number of I1-rated Instructors in a specific vACC, if necessary.

     3.1.3 Applying for the Instructor (I1) rating

Your local vACC ATC Training Director should write an email to VATME Staff, including VATME4 ATC Training Director. The email must contain the following information about the applicant:

  • VATSIM CID, permanent rating and full name

  • How long they have been involved with your vACCs training.

  • List of online ATC hours within the last 12 months (Please include the hours in each month separately)

  • If the applicant has passed a former INS-course (Please include the date it was taken)

  • Recommendation letter from the vACC ATC Training Director

NOTE: If the applicant is the vACC ATC Training Director, the email and recommendation letter must be sent by the vACC Director.

3.2 Senior Instructor (I3)

     3.2.1 Requirements

  • I1 Requirements listed in section 3.1.1 plus one of the following:

    • Involvement in Divisional ATC Training

    • Involvement in Divisional Examiners Team

    • Holding an I1 rating from a local VATME vACC for at least 1 year or more, during which the Instructor was continuously involved in ATC training in their local vACC.

     3.2.2 Rating Upgrade

The Senior Instructor rating is awarded to members by the VATME ATC Department. The application process is the same as the Instructor (I1) rating process.

     3.2.3 Termination of the Rating

The Senior Instructor (I3) rating and the Instructor (I1) rating is granted by the VATME ATC Department to controllers who have shown superior knowledge of the ATC procedures and teaching skills, and who are also involved in Divisional and local vACC ATC Training, respectively. The rating is granted by the VATME ATC Training Director. It will be revoked when the I3 / I1 rating holder is no longer involved in ATC training matters.

All I3 / I1 ratings are to be handled only by the Divisional ATC Training Department. This includes upgrades and downgrades of members.

SECTION 4 | Instructor Roster

VATSIM Middle East keeps an active roster of the current Instructors & Senior Instructors here: Click Here!

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