2.2 vACC Controller Ratings

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1.0 Overview

1.1 Scope

Bahrain vACC follows VATSIMs standard rating qualifications. Below are the ratings provided by the Bahrain vACC.

1.2 Controller Ratings

The ratings below are offered as permenant ratings and cannot be revoked unless mentioned within the VATSIM Code of Regulations.

Rating Highest Position Approved
OBS - Observer Not approved for any.
S1 - Student 1 Delivery,Ground
S2 - Student 2 Tower
S3 - Student 3 (Senior Student) Departure, Approach
C1 - Controller (Area Controller) Center, FSS (Requires Division endorsement)

The ratings below are temporary rating issued by a vACC/Divisional/Regional.

Rating Offered by
I1 - Instructor vACC Staff
I3 - Senior Instructor Divisional Staff
SUP - Supervisor Board of Governors
ADM - Administrator Board of Governors

9.0 Approval, Copyright and Correct Use of Document.

This policy has been approved by the VATSIM Middle East Division Director prior to publication. Any amendments to this policy must also be approved by the VATSIM Middle East Division Director.

All content created for, including procedures, for this vACC, shall be the property of the VATSIM Network. This shall include, but shall not be limited to, logos, websites, text content, imagery, procedures, and internal documents. Authors, however, may be credited for their work.

This vACC maintains a Standard Operating Procedures document. Members, both Guest and Resident, are required to maintain familiarity and compliance with this document when conducting air traffic control services. This document shall be updated from time to time as needed. Members acknowledge and understand that it is their responsibility to both know the contents of the SOP and be up to date on all local procedures.

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