UAE vACC Events - ATC Booking Policy

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UAE vACC has enabled the ATC booking system for the Events. This system is incorporated into the VATAME HQ which is actively used by the vACC for the planned events on VATSIM Network. The intention of this is to provide an indication of where and when the ATC is likely to be online, to provide the participating pilots on the network with professional and undisrupted ATC services.  

For the purposes of this policy, a BOOKED member is a member who has put a request to control a position in the HQ Events ATC booking page. A CONFIRMED member is a member who has been approved by the vACC staff to control after they have been validated (see below for validation).

UAE vACC Resident/Visitor members can make ATC Bookings for the preferred position on the VATAME HQ. However following points need to be noted:

  • Only approved resident/visitor controllers will be allowed to make ATC bookings for the events, unless a written approval is given by the event or ATC training staff.
  • No member with a rating less than S1 is allowed to use the Events ATC Booking system.
  • ATC members should directly book their preferred position on the HQ and not on any other website/application such as vRoute, the bookings made on HQ are automatically shown on the vRoute once the position is approved by the event staff.
  • A controller is allowed to make multiple ATC bookings but only one shall be approved or the Events staff has the right to re-assign and confirm the ATC position based on the need during that event.
  • Due to the number of ATC at UAE vACC versus the number of positions available, we aim to always give everyone an equal chance to control. This being said, for confirmations we aim to approve those members who have not controlled in the past 3 events first.
  • During events, controllers who have booked and are confirmed by the event staff shall always have priority to do ATC during their confirmed time. In case the controller is disconnected during the event, a standby controller may control in their absence. Once the original confirmed controller comes back online, he/she should have priority on the position again
  • Non-participating Controllers should respect the confirmed member’s intention to control by checking the Events ATC bookings on VATAME HQ. However, if the booked controller does not show up during the event or where 15 minutes time has elapsed from the time from the ATC booking is scheduled and the booked controller for the event has not logged on, then any controller wishing to take that position may logon with approval from either the Events Staff on the teamspeak or any other vACC staff currently available during the event.
  • Controllers may only book the times that they intend to control during the event. Abuse of the VATAME HQ Events Booking System is disrespectful to other vACC members and a violation of VATSIM Code of Conduct , Section A.1, “Members should, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another”.

"Frequent violation of this rule will prevent the event staff from further confirming your requests"

  • The controllers at the time of ATC booking for the event should show consideration to all other bookings that are Confirmed when pre-booking the preferred ATC position. If your preferred ATC position is already confirmed by the Events Staff, it is recommended not to book the same position, but to choose a different position so the Event Staff may consider your booking.
  • ATC Bookings can only be made after the ATC Positions are imported into the ATC Bookings Page by the Events Staff Team. All the ATC Members get the email related to the Events which includes the news about the Event ATC Bookings opening.
  • We recommend our members to check their email which is connected to VATSIM to find out the news related to latest Events. However, if a member does not use mail on regular basis and wish to get the latest news or want to check for any events happening are suggested to check the VATAME HQ Events Calendar at
  • Members will get the final ATC Roster for the event through their emails at least 24 hours before the event. If you don’t get the final Roster through your email, we recommend checking your spam folder. You can also get in touch with us through [email protected] in case some info has been missed.
  • The Event ATC Roster which is sent through the Mass Email shall be considered final. However, their may be a separate roster for the standby controllers if Preferred ATC Bookings demand is high. But the Confirmed/Non-standby controller gets priority over the standby controller. Shift can be changed between the Confirmed & Standby controller only through proper briefing either on teamspeak or Euroscope and other controllers should be notified about the shift change.
  • If your name is on the ATC Roster in the email and you can’t make it to the event due to some problem or real life commitment, an email should be sent to [email protected] not later than 12 hours before the event so that a proper replacement can be arranged.
  • If you are on the ATC Roster, and don’t show up during the event and no notification has been sent to the vACC staff, then you may not be able to book for any of the further vACC events until an apology has been written with Proper reason.

Note: ATC Position for Emirates vACC Events will be confirmed by the vACC Events Staff only. This will be notified to the members of the vACC in Event Roster sent through Mass Email.