Category: Membership | Saudi Arabia vACC Policy


Any member who agrees with the objectives and rules of vACC Saudi Arabia and its parent organizations may apply for membership by joining the VATSIM Middle East & Africa Region and VATSIM Middle East Division upon enrollment, vACC selection is provided once a VATSIM ID and VATSIM password has been issued for your sole use at by selecting “Saudi Arabia vACC” as your home vACC on VATSIM, which allows us to maintain records of your activity.


Types of Membership:

Saudi vACC offers Resident and Visitor membership. A membership within vACC Saudi Arabia is a privilege not a right. The vACC Director and Deputy reserves the right to reject membership applications if they are deemed to be made in bad faith and based on any reports from outside of vACC Saudi Arabia. The vACC Director and Deputy reserve the right to remove resident and visitor members any time on basis of misconduct, inactivity and substandard performance.