Resign, Dismissal, and appointment

Category: Rules and Regulations | Saudi Arabia vACC Policy

Resign: Members of the staff have the right to resign. They have to inform the director well in advance.

The staff member resigning should help the successor and introduce him to the task and hand over all material needed to run his position.


Dismissal: Dismissal is executed by the director of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vACC.

The dismissal must be discussed with all and approved by at least three of the executive staff before it can be executed. Members of the non-voting staff shall not be dismissed unless they have violated the rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vACC and VATSIM. Discussions should be held with the affected staff-member and efforts be made to avoid dismissal.


Appointment: Appointment is done by the Director or with the help of the Deputy Director if requested.

Appointment of members of the executive staff is done in cooperation with the present executive staff. If the present staff is unanimously for the new candidate, he can be appointed without further election.

If the present staff is not unanimous, a public voting should be held in the same manner as for election of director if it is not unanimous it will be VATME’s Director’s call. The present staff constitutes the election committee and each member can propose one candidate. There shall be no public voting when appointing non-voting staff.