Code of Conduct

Category: GENERAL | United Arab Emirates vACC Policy
  1. All controllers within the UAE vACC shall be in good standing with the vACC, VATME and VATSIM.
  2. All controllers within the UAE vACC shall abide by the VATSIM Code of Conduct.
  3. Any member controller who, after a careful investigation, admission, or documentation, has been found to have violated any article of the VATSIM Code of Conduct as either a controller or pilot shall be immediately removed from the membership roster of the UAE vACC. (See No. 2)
  4. The UAE vACC TeamSpeak Server is for hobby related discussions only. Violations to the Teamspeak terms of use such as: Insulting, bullying, harassment of other users; that are documented or recorded, will be forwarded to the vACC director who, in turn, will forward the case to the VATME division.
  5. Upon review of the evidence produced "See point No. 4", if a member has been found to have had violated the VATSIM CoC or the UAE vACC policy, the member will have their controlling rights withdrawn, and will be removed from UAE vACC.