Iran vACC

Iran vACC is the reference and meeting place for Iran Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots on the VATSIM network. VATIR shall strive to provide regular, high-quality ATC in Iran on the VATSIM network and also be the frontline of making flight simulation "as real as it gets" without compromising the VATSIM fun factor and the learning environment. 

Furthermore, VATIR promotes aeronautical culture for aviation enthusiasts, encouraging them to learn and enjoy flying and air traffic controlling, with the best possible learning material.

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Mehrdad Tashakori (1227922)

Iran vACC Director

Amir Golmohammadi (1401514)

Iran vACC Deputy Director

amir tavafian (996086)

Iran vACC ATC Training Deputy Director

Masoud Asadi (1207572)

Iran vACC ATC Assessment and Development Director

hossein hanifi (1327729)

Iran vACC ATC Training Director

Mohammad Bahrololoum (1299830)

Iran vACC Membership Director

Mathieu Gabillard (1295812)

Iran vACC Event and Marketing Assistant 1


Iran vACC Pilot Training Assistant 1

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ATC/Pilot Resources


Charts should be reviewed by all pilots flying to/from airports in Iran vACC as well as controllers in order to understand the airspace.


Pilots flying to/from our airports should ensure they have the proper scenery installed for the best experience!

Sector Files

ATC in the Iran vACC should download the latest sector files to ensure they are able to implement all the latest procedures.


Any other resources that can be helpful to pilots and ATC can be found by clicking on the link Miscellaneous button below.

Our Controllers

The controllers at Iran vACC dedicate their time to provide quality ATC to pilots who fly to and from our vACC every day.


Policies and procedures ensure that operations at the vACC run smooth and efficiently.